Naveena Denim

Rashid Iqbal

Executive Director (Marketing)

3.5 KM Defence Road, off Bhoptian Chowk, Raiwind Road, Lahore
About Company
Naveena Group began its journey in 1971. Group’s global footprint extends across denim, spinning, property development, steel and power. Established in Lahore in 2006, it takes denim production to highest level of creative engineering by investing in stat
Denim fabric range including 100% cotton, poly cotton, poly stretch, cotton stretch, Dual Fx, climate control fibers, strongest denim, Organic and sustainable fabrics etc
Annual Capacity
1.5 Million meters/month
Region of Sale
US, Europe, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
Toyota Ring Spinning, Reiter Cleaning, Carding & Drawing, 42000 Spindles, 1300 Bags production per day
111 Picanol Looms Omni Plus 800, 1.4 Million meters production per month
Morrison 24 Ropes 8 Indigo Dye boxes
Osthoff Singeing, Morrison washing, Goller Mercerizing, MonfortsStenter, Morrison Sanforizing