Prabal Kumar Bhattacharjya

G M Exports

Surya Towers, 6th Floor, 105 Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad - 500 003, Telangana, India.
About Company
Suryalakshmi Cotton is one of India’s leading integrated premium yarns and denim manufacturing company with over five decades of market leadership.
Suryalakshmi introduces new dimensions in Denim fabric designing. Armed with color pallet in variants of Indigo shades and cast, it embrace tones of purple and red, contaminated yellow shades, super dark rope dyed Indigos and options of grey and black to complete the list. Keeping a tab on the recent trends, a youth factor is focused for sport couture denims. Curvy denim with long lasting fit and Hyperflex are latest additions, thanks to the advanced innovations in performance fibers. Aesthetically engineered surface applications are achieved with combination of two technologies, which includes our Maxco and Soft Coco finishes. For fashion conscious generation New blends of fibers congregate attention with Modal, Tencel, and soft micro-filament leading the list. With new approach to vintage look, retro denim still is at the prime attention in our latest developments. A mix and match of yarns, insignia and weave structures brings back the cherished old savor.
Annual Capacity
40 million meters per annum
Region of Sale
In house capacity of Ring yarn, OE yarn, Cotton Elastane yarn etc
Air Jet Looms
Rope as well as Slasher dyeing
Sanforizing, Flat, Coating, Over dyeing etc.