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Increasing water Efficiency in the Denim Industry

The Agenda for Sustainable Development aims towards a sustainable and prosperous world by the year 2030. The SDG Synthesis Report 2018 delivers a collective motto that “no one will be left behind” in their transformative approach to ensure water conservation and sanitation. AFM wants to be an active extension of Goal 6 and play its part in managing water through responsible technology and production. 844 million people around the world still lack basic water services, target 6.1 is the only solution to such problems and it acknowledges the “unfinished business” of providing these people with basic and clean water services. AFM joins hands in fulfilling these goals by creating sustainable, zero waste products with cutting edge O2 & O3 tech. This is a tri-factor combination that aims at saving every drop of water. In dyeing, finishing and laundry we are saving up to 4,800 litres per meter of water. This comes up to saving an average of 95% per kg of our total water consumption. AFM is following target 6.5, namely; Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and treating water in a way that does not affect other sectors of society, negatively. With the integration of sustainable denim and technological advancements, we aspire to provide the world with cleaner water and sanitation by the year 2030. AFM’s technology and denim manufacturing processes reassure the world that “nobody will be left behind.