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Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
NDL-4155-01 NDL-4155-01 Cotton Lycra fabric with flat look and green cast... Read More Public
NDL-4375-A-01 NDL-4375-A-01 Cotton Lycra fabric with T400. Prominent twill lines Private
NDL-4398-01 NDL-4398-01 Compact broken twill fabric with cotton polyester and... Read More Public
NDL-4384-01 NDL-4384-01 Private
NDL-4572-MW NDL-4572-MW Private
4384-01-51 4384-01-51 Bi Stretch Private
NDL-3524C-62 NDL-3524C-62 Private
NDL-4672-01 NDL-4672-01 %92,1 COTTON + % 5,6 PES + % 2,3 LYCRA Private