Category Shrinkage 13 to < 18

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
NDL-4419-C-63 NDL-4419-C-63 Cotton Elastane Men's Super Dark Indigo Shade Denim... Read More Private
NDL-3919-06 NDL-3919-06 Public
3973-D-44PD-SK 3973-D-44PD-SK Public
3990-A-44 3990-A-44 This is Cotton+Lycra fabric with compact and prominent... Read More Public
NDL-4320-01 NDL-4320-01 This is Cotton+Lycra fabric with compact twills and... Read More Private
NDL-4654-B-G2-1040 NDL-4654-B-G2-1040 Private
NDL-4403-A-44 NDL-4403-A-44 Cotton Poly lycra fabric with thick teill lines. very... Read More Public
NDL-4400-A-44 NDL-4400-A-44 This is cotton, polyester, nylon, Lycra compsite... Read More Private
NDL-4014-62 NDL-4014-62 Private
NDL-3906-A-62 NDL-3906-A-62 Private
NDL-4637-B-62 NDL-4637-B-62 Private
NDL-4290-44 NDL-4290-44 Denim Ox Private
NDL-4261-A-62 NDL-4261-A-62 Military Green Private
NDL-3426-A-01 NDL-3426-A-01 4D Twill Private
NDL-4257-A-MW NDL-4257-A-MW Public
NDL-3719-62 NDL-3719-62 Private
BETR-1611 BETR-1611 100% cotton with dark indigo colour ,vintage and more... Read More Private
BET-1633 BET-1633 11 OZ, Cotton, spandex denim with Low TM yarn Private
BET-1697 BET-1697 11.5 Oz, Dobby, cotton poly stretch denim Public
BET-1706 BET-1706 9.75 Oz, power stretch denim with tencel blend Private
BET-1721 BET-1721 8.5 Oz, power stretch denim with Dual FX Private
BIL-2253 BIL-2253 9.75 Oz, Power stretch denim with overdyeing Private
IBPD-6027 IBPD-6027 5.25 Oz, 100% Cotton, overdyed denim Private
BET-906 BET-906 3.75 Oz, 100% Cotton jacquard denim Private
BKT-1171 BKT-1171 8.5 Oz,Tencel Blended with 64% Stretch Private
BPD-4902 BPD-4902 11.5 Oz, dobby denim with 32% Stretch Private
BETR-1324 BETR-1324 100% tencel, 6.25 Oz denim Private
90316 90316 9.25 Oz, Denim with Modal / tencel blend, 60% stretch Private
BPD-4208 BPD-4208 11 Oz, comfort stretch denim with Grey Overdyeing Private
BPD-2927 BPD-2927 9.25 Oz, cotton poly stretch denim with 40% stretch Private
BLACK CAT BLACK CAT 10 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 31% stretch Public
BKT-1221 BKT-1221 4.75 Oz, 100% Cotton, lightweight denim Private
BETR-1349 BETR-1349 9.25 Oz, charcoal black, cotton poly stretch denim Public
BETR-1331 BETR-1331 10.5 Oz, overdyed denim with Modal and 58% Stretch Public
A4-13735-R A4-13735-R 13.25 Oz, 100% Cotton denim Private
A4-7927 A4-7927 11.75 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 24% Stretch Private
A4-14103-B A4-14103-B Green cast PCW cotton and recycle poly Private
A4-14967 A4-14967 Novelty weave comfort stretch with brown yarn dye and... Read More Private
A4-14343 A4-14343 Comfort , double face fabric Public
A4-13557-R A4-13557-R Bi stretch with reycly poly weft Private
A4-14076 A4-14076 Black yarn dyed denim with market-proven performance Private
A4-14820 A4-14820 Soft-Tech super stretch Private
A4-13971 A4-13971 PCW Rigid Fabric with Authentic Vintage Marble Look... Read More Private
A4-14861 A4-14861 EverDark black Private
A4-7931 A4-7931 Garment dyeable fabric using Lycra dualFX / Xtra Life... Read More Private
A4-7935 A4-7935 PCW White Fabric in Poly Stretch Private
A4-6166 A4-6166 Jegging Fabric having Poly Stretch Shade in Indigo... Read More Public
A4-14479 A4-14479 Zero Bleach Technology with Poly Stretch Fabric in... Read More Private
A4-5740-B A4-5740-B Poly Stretch Fabric with Blue Shade and Special finish Private
A4-14819 A4-14819 Magical vintage character: gives the mood of OE (open... Read More Public
9.75 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stret 9.75 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stret Private
RAYCO-1039 RAYCO-1039 Light Weight comfort stretch article with long refined... Read More Private
Sea Salt Sea Salt This product has 100% Fairtrade Cottton and super dark... Read More Private
Sea Salt Sea Salt Cotton poly lyca fabric with prominent twill lines.... Read More Private
Titicaca Titicaca Public
Hulk Hulk Private
Keller Keller Public
Durham Durham Public
Entropy Entropy Private
Gandhi Gandhi Private
Olivia Olivia Private
Ganges Ganges Private
Tender Tender Private
KG 3607 KG 3607 This is our flag ship product as it gives superb hand... Read More Public
85 2729 C 85 2729 C Super stretch womens wear fabric, xcellent product for... Read More Public
87 4311 87 4311 This is a PCW product with a good charcoal shade and... Read More Public
87 4311 87 4311 This is a excellent high stretch womenrwear product... Read More Public
85 2381 C 85 2381 C This is a knit look super soft product with superb... Read More Public
85 2381 TC 85 2381 TC This is a good product with nice mild character giving... Read More Public
85 2381 TC 85 2381 TC This is a superb product with high stretch, soft feel... Read More Public
NDL-3982-51 NDL-3982-51 %92,1 COTTON + % 5,6 PES + % 2,3 LYCRA Private
15600010769: GMT 63094 SKY BLUE 15600010769: GMT 63094 SKY BLUE Public
15600002488: GMT 61393 15600002488: GMT 61393 Modern rigid chambray look with rich character Private
15600010575: GMT 63074 15600010575: GMT 63074 Natural Denim with bold twill line having comfort... Read More Public
15600010711: GMT SNM 63003 15600010711: GMT SNM 63003 Authentic look with OE Unique Character with 100% Rigid Private
15600010659: GMT 63020 A 15600010659: GMT 63020 A Authentic look fabric with nice blue hues Private
15600002169: GMT 61265 15600002169: GMT 61265 Modern vintage fabric with performance having DualFx Public
15600010711: GMT SNM 63003 15600010711: GMT SNM 63003 9.75 Oz cotton, Polyester, viscose elastane blendwith... Read More Private
RAYCO-1065 RAYCO-1065 8.5 OZ STRIP DENIM Public