Category Shrinkage 10 to < 15

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
10.5 OZ   Organic Cotton/T400/Elastane S 10.5 OZ Organic Cotton/T400/Elastane S Private
9.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch 9.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch Private
10.5 OZ Cotton/Modal/Elastane Super Stre 10.5 OZ Cotton/Modal/Elastane Super Stre Private
10.5 OZ Fair Trade Cotton/Re-Fibra/T400/ 10.5 OZ Fair Trade Cotton/Re-Fibra/T400/ Public
RAYCO-1002 RAYCO-1002 11 OZ Cotton/T400/elastane Comfort Stretch Super Dark... Read More Private
RAYCO-1005 RAYCO-1005 Private
RAYCO-1020 RAYCO-1020 Baby blue denim with very mild balanced cross hatch Public
RAYCO-1031 RAYCO-1031 Recycled cotton with Salt free dyeing in marbly look Private
RAYCO-1043 RAYCO-1043 Sustainable denim with recycle cotton Private
RAYCO-1049 RAYCO-1049 Saturated Black denim in LHT with comfort stretch Private
RAYCO-1052 RAYCO-1052 Sustainable denim with recycle cotton and recyle... Read More Private
RAYCO-1053 RAYCO-1053 Comfort stretch in Blue Grey colour Private
RAYCO-1056 RAYCO-1056 Bi Stretch with controlled shrinkage in both direction Private
Castle Castle Description Private
9252-BMD 9252-BMD Description Private
XA-3074-A XA-3074-A 100% cotton with dark indigo colour ,vintage and more... Read More Private
XAD-3103-A XAD-3103-A 53% Cotton 13% Viscose 32% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XC-2942-E XC-2942-E 80% Cotton 18.5% Polyester 1.5% Elastane Private
XAD-3065-B XAD-3065-B 100% Cotton Private
XA-3074-A XA-3074-A 80% Cotton 20% Waste Private
Hoary Hoary Private
Kaaba Kaaba Public
Brook Brook Private
KG 5636 KG 5636 Fine combed cotton with discharge print. Public
NDL-4200-A-44 NDL-4200-A-44 Product has good comfort stretch and fine combed... Read More Private
NDL-3851-H-01 NDL-3851-H-01 100% Rigid with good slub appreance and additional... Read More Private
15600008402: GMT AIZOME 62628 15600008402: GMT AIZOME 62628 % 81,4 COTTON + % 16,5 PES + % 2,1 ELASTANE Public
15600009443: GMT SUSAN 62785 15600009443: GMT SUSAN 62785 %91,2 COTTON + %6,3 PES + % 2,5 LYCRA Private
15600010268: GMT SNM 63002 15600010268: GMT SNM 63002 %93,5 COTTON + %4,6 T400 + % 1,9 LYCRA Private
15600008289: GMT AIZOME 62594 15600008289: GMT AIZOME 62594 10.5 Oz 85%FTO cott,13.5% Re-fibra,1.5% Lycra Public
Stella Stella Comfort stretch in Grape colour Private
BETR-1607 BETR-1607 Super stretch super soft green cast denim with dyed... Read More Private
BPDR-5022 BPDR-5022 90886 SERIAL DARK BLUE Private
IBPDR-4916 IBPDR-4916 This is a sustainable product with 20% PCW in warp and... Read More Private
BET-1818 BET-1818 This is ecru Mens weight product which is ideal for... Read More Private
NDL-4636-A-62 NDL-4636-A-62 9.5 Oz, Cotton Super Stretch Denim With Overdye Public