Category Shrinkage 3 to < 8

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
12 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch 12 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch This product is Medium with Ring slub character with... Read More Private
11 OZ  Cotton/T400/elastane Comfort Stre 11 OZ Cotton/T400/elastane Comfort Stre Private
RAYCO-1037 RAYCO-1037 Super stretch with ethnic discharge print Private
RAYCO-1042 RAYCO-1042 Super Stretch with mild cross hatch effect Private
RAYCO-1044 RAYCO-1044 super stretch super soft denim with modal blend Private
RAYCO-1045 RAYCO-1045 Super stretch black washes down to nice grey Private
XM-2702-T XM-2702-T Private
XC-2699-G XC-2699-G Private
XM-3055-C XM-3055-C Public
XC-2940-C XC-2940-C Private
XM-2932-B XM-2932-B 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Private
XA-3072-B XA-3072-B 57% Cotton 34% Tencel 7% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
RAYCO-1073 RAYCO-1073 10.25 OZ PLAIN FABRIC Public
RAYCO-1075 RAYCO-1075 9.75 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stretch Private
RAYCO-1077 RAYCO-1077 9.75 OZ RFD FABRIC Private
Novara Novara Comfort stretch in Khaki colour Private
BET-1445 BET-1445 This is a knit look dobby product with peach finish... Read More Private
IBIL-2660 IBIL-2660 This is a very good womenwear product with high... Read More Private
IBPD-7676 IBPD-7676 This is a very good womens and kidswear product with... Read More Private
T1903 T1903 7.75 Oz, Super Stretch Denim Private
NDL-4366-A-01 NDL-4366-A-01 10.25 Oz, Cotton Super Stretch Denim Private
NDL-1882-A-RF NDL-1882-A-RF 10.75 Oz, Cotton Super Stretch Denim Private
15300005128/60383-BLACK 15300005128/60383-BLACK Public
15300010852/63106-RFD 15300010852/63106-RFD solid dyed comfort stretch twill with warp slub,99 %... Read More Private
15300012187/63328-DK GREY OD 15300012187/63328-DK GREY OD Indigo x Indigo Canvas stretch,98 % organic cotton , 2... Read More Private