Category Cotton Yarn Type RS X RS

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
RAYCO-1058 RAYCO-1058 Ecru comfort stretch with subtle brown neps Private
T1155 T1155 This is a thermolite product with slub character. Th... Read More Private
T1216 T1216 10 Oz, Poly Viscose Blend, Comfort Stretch Denim With... Read More Private
T1244 T1244 9.5 Oz, Supe Stretch Denim With Modal Blend Public
T4238A T4238A 10.25 Oz, Comfort Stretch Denim With Cotton Poly Blend Public
KG 5273  [JACQUARD] KG 5273 [JACQUARD] 93% Cotton 5% Polyester 2% Elastane Public
15300011680/63276 15300011680/63276 87% Cotton 12% Polyester 1% Elastane Private
15300009528/62793 15300009528/62793 100% COTTON NATURAL INDIGO DYED DENIM Public
15300012018/HERCULES 15300012018/HERCULES 85.5% CTN 14.5% PCW POLY shirt weight SUPER... Read More Public
15300010710/KINGSTON 15300010710/KINGSTON 88.5% CTN 10% PCW POLY 1.5% ELASTANE SUPER... Read More Public
15300011712/63278 15300011712/63278 88.4% CTN 10.2% POLY 1.4% ELAS bottom weight quality -... Read More Public
15300009483/62786 15300009483/62786 Black x Black organic cotton rigid denim,100 % organic... Read More Public
15300010624/63100 15300010624/63100 Heavy weight slub twill denim-100 % organic cotton... Read More Public
15300012197/63326 15300012197/63326 Heavy weight shirting denim-cotton/tencel,85 % cotton... Read More Public
HDS191011-2D HDS191011-2D Superstretch viscose blend denim-sky blue,73% cotton,... Read More Public
HDS170724-2D HDS170724-2D Superstretch viscose blend denim-sky blue,70 % cotton,... Read More Public
HDS121223-3X HDS121223-3X solid dyed comfort stretch twill with warp slub,98.5 %... Read More Public
HDS151212-1D#PT01 HDS151212-1D#PT01 Knit denim stretch 79 % cotton , 19.5 % polyester, 1.5... Read More Public
HDS130213 HDS130213 Knit denim stretch 98.5 % cotton , 1.5% elastane super... Read More Public
HDS130641-1R HDS130641-1R Knit denim stretch 98.5 % cotton , 1.5% elastane... Read More Public
HDS130641-1D#PT11 HDS130641-1D#PT11 Overdyed knit denim stretch 99 % cotton , 1% elastane... Read More Public
HDS130641-1D#PU02 HDS130641-1D#PU02 Indigo x Indigo dobby denim stretch,98 % cotton 2 %... Read More Public
HDS121223-1D#PT09 HDS121223-1D#PT09 RFD cavlary stretch with Indigo weft,97.5 % cotton... Read More Public
HDS170706-1D HDS170706-1D Indigo x Indigo comfort stretch denim,98.5% organic... Read More Public
HDS180545-2R HDS180545-2R Satin indigo denim stretch-cotton/poly 67% cotton ,... Read More Public
NDL-4941-A-MW-15 NDL-4941-A-MW-15 6oz 100% Cotton indigo grey chambary denim suitable... Read More Public
NDL-5252-F-01 NDL-5252-F-01 9.8oz rain stretch ultra dk.indigo grey denim suitable... Read More Public
NDL-5253-C-MW NDL-5253-C-MW 7.8oz Cotton dual core rain stretch white denim... Read More Private
NDL-5344-A-01 NDL-5344-A-01 9oz ring slub stretch ultra dk.indigo + grey denim... Read More Private