Category Cotton Yarn Type Ring X Ring

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
12153DHS 12153DHS Uni-Sex Cotton Elastane Ecru Fabric with Plain Look Private
22009BHS 22009BHS Super Stretch Kids/Women's Knit Look Black Denim... Read More Private
22009HS 22009HS Super Stretch Kids/Women's Knit Look Indigo Denim... Read More Private
40005HS 40005HS Special Cast NBIT (Navy Blue Bottom Indigo Top) Cotton... Read More Public
921886 921886 Comfort Stretch - Ring Slub Men's Denim Fabric with... Read More Private
922798W 922798W Knit Dobby - Men's Cotton Elastance Denim Fabric Private
923857 923857 Special Cast YBIT ( Yellow Bottom Indigo Top) Cotton... Read More Public
923750 923750 Cotton PC Lycra Men's Super Stretch Denim Fabric with... Read More Private
923739 923739 Black Recycled Poly (from Plastic Bottel)in Weft, with... Read More Public
923732 923732 Cotton Elastane Women's Grey Shade Denim Fabric Private
923318 923318 Cotton Lycra Women's Super Stretch (50%) Baby Indigo... Read More Private
923238 923238 Private
922833 922833 Uni-Sex Cotton Elastane Grey Shade Denim Fabric with... Read More Private
980252 980252 Knit Dobby - Women's/Kid's Denim Fabric with Cotton... Read More Private
980270 980270 Two Tone - Grey OD on SBIT Shade - Permium Men's... Read More Private
980352 980352 Two Tone - Black OD on Indigo Shade - Premium Unisex... Read More Private
EXP-2565 EXP-2565 Blue OD on Bright Indigo Shade - Premium Unisex Cotton... Read More Private
EXP-2680 EXP-2680 Black OD on Ecru Base Knitted Premium Unisex Cotton... Read More Private
GLZ-245 GLZ-245 Special Cast BBIT ( Sulphur Blue Bottom Indigo Top)... Read More Public
Plush-78186 Plush-78186 Premium Blue Coat on Brigh Indigo Shade Uni-Sex Cotton... Read More Private
923830 923830 Premium Blue OD + Brush on Bright Indigo Shade Women's... Read More Private
RAYCO-1002 RAYCO-1002 11 OZ Cotton/T400/elastane Comfort Stretch Super Dark... Read More Private
RAYCO-1005 RAYCO-1005 Private
RAYCO-1020 RAYCO-1020 Baby blue denim with very mild balanced cross hatch Public
RAYCO-1021 RAYCO-1021 Super stretch with vintage look in bromo indigo Private
RAYCO-1022 RAYCO-1022 Bi stretch in Sulphur Black shade Private
RAYCO-1030 RAYCO-1030 Pitch black Bi stretch with perfect grey wash down Private
RAYCO-1031 RAYCO-1031 Recycled cotton with Salt free dyeing in marbly look Private
RAYCO-1032 RAYCO-1032 ethnic discharge print on black light weight chambray... Read More Private
RAYCO-1033 RAYCO-1033 Marbly look in comfort stretch Private
RAYCO-1034 RAYCO-1034 Rigid Broken twill overdyed black Public
RAYCO-1037 RAYCO-1037 Super stretch with ethnic discharge print Private
RAYCO-1038 RAYCO-1038 Super stretch in Bromo Indigo shade Private
RAYCO-1041 RAYCO-1041 Light weight jacquard with indigo dyed fill Private
RAYCO-1042 RAYCO-1042 Super Stretch with mild cross hatch effect Private
RAYCO-1045 RAYCO-1045 Super stretch black washes down to nice grey Private
RAYCO-1046 RAYCO-1046 Light weight denim with linen fill Private
RAYCO-1048 RAYCO-1048 Super stretch super soft green cast denim with dyed... Read More Private
RAYCO-1049 RAYCO-1049 Saturated Black denim in LHT with comfort stretch Private
RAYCO-1050 RAYCO-1050 Comfort stretch RFD with clear twill lines Private
RAYCO-1054 RAYCO-1054 Comfort stretch in Olive colour Private
RAYCO-1055 RAYCO-1055 Comfort stretch in Khaki colour Private
RAYCO-1056 RAYCO-1056 Bi Stretch with controlled shrinkage in both direction Private
RAYCO-1057 RAYCO-1057 Sustainable denim with recycled polyester from PET... Read More Private
RAYCO-1059 RAYCO-1059 Green cast denim with Hemp blend in matt weave Private
7.5 OZ Rigid 100% Organic Cotton Indigo 7.5 OZ Rigid 100% Organic Cotton Indigo Narrow width selvedge denim with linen Public
NDL4305A-01 NDL4305A-01 Super stretch with ethnic discharge print Private
1892-EMHOD 1892-EMHOD Description Private
XC-2981-B XC-2981-B 100% cotton with dark indigo colour ,vintage and more... Read More Public
XC-3046-B XC-3046-B 100% Cotton Private
XA-3019-L XA-3019-L 91% Cotton 6% T-400 3% Elastane Private
XC-2884-C XC-2884-C 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Public
XC-2982-B XC-2982-B 92% Cotton 6% Polyester 2% Elastane Public
XC-2394-B XC-2394-B 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Public
XAD-3090-A XAD-3090-A 91% Cotton 6% Polyester 3% Elastane Private
XM-2170-B XM-2170-B 96% Cotton 4% Elastane Public
XM-2702-T XM-2702-T 99% Cotton 1% Elastane Private
XC-2699-G XC-2699-G 80% Cotton 18% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XAD-3076-C XAD-3076-C 58% Cotton 35% Modal 6% Polyester 1% Elastane Private
XC-2863-C XC-2863-C 63% Cotton 35% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XM-3055-C XM-3055-C 84% Cotton 13% Polyester 3% Elastane Public
XM-3057-B XM-3057-B 88% Cotton 10% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XC-3102-A XC-3102-A 73% Cotton 25% PCW 2% Elastane Private
XM-2829-A XM-2829-A 37% Refibra 37% PCW 24% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XC-2896-A XC-2896-A 95% Cotton 5% Elastane Private
XC-2900-E XC-2900-E 73% Cotton 25% Coolmax 2% Elastane Public
XAD-3103-A XAD-3103-A 53% Cotton 13% Viscose 32% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XM-2932-B XM-2932-B 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Private
XM-2720-A XM-2720-A 95% Cotton 5% Elastane Private
XC-3041-B XC-3041-B 93% Cotton 6% Polyester 1% Elastane Private
XC-2964-J XC-2964-J 100% Cotton Private
XC-2942-E XC-2942-E 80% Cotton 18.5% Polyester 1.5% Elastane Private
XAD-3065-B XAD-3065-B 100% Cotton Private
XA-2909-D XA-2909-D 79% Cotton 15%Polyester 3% Polyethylene 3% Elastane Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A 70% Cotton 29% PCW 1% Elastane Private
XC-3060-A XC-3060-A 92% Cotton 6% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XM-3108-A1 XM-3108-A1 92% Cotton 6% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XC-2925A XC-2925A 82% Cotton 16% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
Titicaca Titicaca Public
Keller Keller Public
Durham Durham Public
Hoary Hoary Private
Gandhi Gandhi Private
Olivia Olivia Private
Missisip Missisip Private
Kaaba Kaaba Public
Brook Brook Private
Ganges Ganges Private
41 2008 41 2008 Public
41 3008 41 3008 Public
KG 3394 KG 3394 Public
92 2007 92 2007 This is ecru fabric for womenswear White and over dyed... Read More Public
NDL-4200-A-44 NDL-4200-A-44 Product has good comfort stretch and fine combed... Read More Private