Category Indigo Color Other Blues

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
12153DHS 12153DHS Uni-Sex Cotton Elastane Ecru Fabric with Plain Look Private
EXP-2680 EXP-2680 Black OD on Ecru Base Knitted Premium Unisex Cotton... Read More Private
NDL-4403-A-44 NDL-4403-A-44 Cotton Poly lycra fabric with thick teill lines. very... Read More Public
NDL-3906-A-62 NDL-3906-A-62 Private
NDL-4416-A-01 NDL-4416-A-01 Public
NDL-3918-A-GA-1575 NDL-3918-A-GA-1575 Private
NDL-3719-62 NDL-3719-62 Private
BIL-2253 BIL-2253 9.75 Oz, Power stretch denim with overdyeing Private
11.75 OZ  Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton D 11.75 OZ Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton D Private
XC-3046-B XC-3046-B Private
XC-2394-B XC-2394-B Public
XM-2932-B XM-2932-B 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A 70% Cotton 29% PCW 1% Elastane Private
Entropy Entropy Private
Gandhi Gandhi Private
Colca Colca Private
Verdon Verdon Public
Olivia Olivia Private
Kaaba Kaaba Public
Brook Brook Private
Ganges Ganges Private
Tender Tender Private
6689-AN FLAT-2 6689-AN FLAT-2 Ring spun slub in bothway gives cross hatch effect and... Read More Public
NDL-4200-A-44 NDL-4200-A-44 Product has good comfort stretch and fine combed... Read More Private
NDL-4421-B-01 NDL-4421-B-01 Fine combed slub with super stretch and over dyed... Read More Private
NDL-3708-A-01 NDL-3708-A-01 100% Rigid with good slub appreance and additional... Read More Private
NDL-3913-E-MW-44 NDL-3913-E-MW-44 Product has cotton poly super stretch and selected... Read More Private
NDL-4672-01 NDL-4672-01 %92,1 COTTON + % 5,6 PES + % 2,3 LYCRA Private
15600006018: GMT 62230 A 15600006018: GMT 62230 A 11.75 Oz Cotton Elastane dark indigo product Private
NDL-4636-A-62 NDL-4636-A-62 9.5 Oz, Cotton Super Stretch Denim With Overdye Public
NDL-4996-A-01 NDL-4996-A-01 9.75 Oz, Cotton Super Stretch Denim Private
XAO-2861-C XAO-2861-C 11.75 Oz, Cotton Stretch Denim With Overdye Public
XAC-3257-B XAC-3257-B 11 Oz, Cotton Somfort Stretch Denim Private
XCO-2981-B XCO-2981-B 10 Oz, Cotton Comfort Stretch Denim Private
XAD-3385-B XAD-3385-B Private
XM-2902-D XM-2902-D Private