Category Indigo Color Brilliant Indigo

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
923318 923318 Cotton Lycra Women's Super Stretch (50%) Baby Indigo... Read More Private
GLZ-245 GLZ-245 Special Cast BBIT ( Sulphur Blue Bottom Indigo Top)... Read More Private
A4-14831 A4-14831 PCW Comfort Fabric in Green Cast Shade Private
A4-14882 A4-14882 Soft-Tech with lyocell weft. Light bromo shade,... Read More Private
12 OZ  Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton Dark 12 OZ Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton Dark Private
10.5 OZ Fair Trade Cotton/Re-Fibra/T400/ 10.5 OZ Fair Trade Cotton/Re-Fibra/T400/ Public
RAYCO-1031 RAYCO-1031 Recycled cotton with Salt free dyeing in marbly look Private
12 OZ  Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton Dark 12 OZ Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton Dark description Public
XM-2956-I XM-2956-I Private
XM-2904-D XM-2904-D 100% Cotton Private
SD 1016 SD 1016 Authentic crackled look denim with subtle slub in 100%... Read More Public
SD 1003 SD 1003 Sustainable Blue Shade from Advance Denim-Ox dyeing by... Read More Public
SD 1005 SD 1005 2/1 RHT Crunch denim with light blue shade for tops Public
SD 1013 SD 1013 Real Authentic denim with subtle vertical slubs in... Read More Public
15300009526/LOOM STATE 15300009526/LOOM STATE 100% COTTON light weight shirting quality, Combed... Read More Private
15300010616/OKEMO 15300010616/OKEMO 100% Cotton Printed shirt quality - discharge... Read More Private
15300010627/63102 15300010627/63102 70% CTN 28.5% POLY 1.5% ELAS bottom weight quality -... Read More Private
15300011618/INDIGO ARTIST 15300011618/INDIGO ARTIST Public
15300011532/62816-B 15300011532/62816-B basic denim rigid-100 % cotton denim fabric Public
15300010624/63100 15300010624/63100 Heavy weight slub twill denim-100 % organic cotton... Read More Public
15300012411/63357 15300012411/63357 Indigo chambray shirting with print 100% organic... Read More Public
15300010268/63002 15300010268/63002 solid dyed comfort stretch twill with warp slub 99 %... Read More Private
15300010354/MIYU 15300010354/MIYU solid dyed comfort stretch twill,98 % cotton , 2 %... Read More Private
15300010628/VALKYRIE 15300010628/VALKYRIE Canvas stretch solid dyed black,98 % organic cotton 2... Read More Private