Category Indigo Color Green Cast

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
923857 923857 Special Cast YBIT ( Yellow Bottom Indigo Top) Cotton... Read More Public
NDL-3919-06 NDL-3919-06 Public
NDL-4375-A-01 NDL-4375-A-01 Cotton Lycra fabric with T400. Prominent twill lines Private
NDL-4264-E-01 NDL-4264-E-01 Private
NDL-4302-B-0041 NDL-4302-B-0041 Private
NDL-3900-B-MW NDL-3900-B-MW Private
NDL-3900-C-01 NDL-3900-C-01 Public
A4-13735-R A4-13735-R 13.25 Oz, 100% Cotton denim Private
A4-13557-R A4-13557-R Bi stretch with reycly poly weft Private
A4-7895-R A4-7895-R Versatile comfort stretch with a special indigo shade... Read More Private
A4-13971 A4-13971 PCW Rigid Fabric with Authentic Vintage Marble Look... Read More Private
A4-7931 A4-7931 Garment dyeable fabric using Lycra dualFX / Xtra Life... Read More Private
10 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stretch 10 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stretch Private
9.5 OZ Rigid 100% Cotton 9.5 OZ Rigid 100% Cotton This is Premium ring slub character product. Private
RAYCO-1046 RAYCO-1046 Light weight denim with linen fill Private
RAYCO-1052 RAYCO-1052 Sustainable denim with recycle cotton and recyle... Read More Private
RAYCO-1057 RAYCO-1057 Sustainable denim with recycled polyester from PET... Read More Private
RAYCO-1058 RAYCO-1058 Ecru comfort stretch with subtle brown neps Private
Titicaca Titicaca Public
D-733 FX FLAT-2 D-733 FX FLAT-2 Product has good comfort stretch with mercerize finish... Read More Public
D-597 QZ4 FX FLAT-2 D-597 QZ4 FX FLAT-2 Product has super stretch and super soft handfeel and... Read More Private
RAYCO-1073 RAYCO-1073 10.25 OZ PLAIN FABRIC Public
RAYCO-1074 RAYCO-1074 98.5% Org Ctn, 1.8% Lycra, Canvas pant Private
D6100 REFLEXY MELTED D6100 REFLEXY MELTED 100% Fairtrade Cotton Public
XA-3203-A1 XA-3203-A1 10 Oz, Cotton Poly Denim With Comfort Stretch Private
XC-3177-D XC-3177-D Public