Category Color Black

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
5 OZ Rigid 100% Cotton Black color 5 OZ Rigid 100% Cotton Black color Private
RAYCO-1020 RAYCO-1020 Baby blue denim with very mild balanced cross hatch Public
RAYCO-1021 RAYCO-1021 Super stretch with vintage look in bromo indigo Private
RAYCO-1030 RAYCO-1030 Pitch black Bi stretch with perfect grey wash down Private
RAYCO-1043 RAYCO-1043 Sustainable denim with recycle cotton Private
RAYCO-1047 RAYCO-1047 Marbly look in brominated indigo shade Private
XM-3055-C XM-3055-C Public
XC-3041-B XC-3041-B 93% Cotton 6% Polyester 1% Elastane Private
XC-2942-E XC-2942-E Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A 70% Cotton 29% PCW 1% Elastane Private
XC-3060-A XC-3060-A 92% Cotton 6% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
D-732 FX FLAT-2 D-732 FX FLAT-2 Injection slub and black PC on weft shows slub and... Read More Private
15600009522: GMT SUSAN 62801 15600009522: GMT SUSAN 62801 %94,4 CO + %4 T400 %1,6 LYCRA Public
15600008289: GMT AIZOME 62594 15600008289: GMT AIZOME 62594 10.5 Oz 85%FTO cott,13.5% Re-fibra,1.5% Lycra Public
15600002092: GMT 61272 15600002092: GMT 61272 10.5 Oz 70%CTN,25%PY,3.4 Vis,1.6% EL Private
BIL-2288-P1679 BIL-2288-P1679 91218 DEXET STR Public
IBPD-6802 IBPD-6802 This is a very fine fabric for Mens denim with slub... Read More Private
IBIL-2660 IBIL-2660 This is a very good womenwear product with high... Read More Private
XAO-2861-C XAO-2861-C 11.75 Oz, Cotton Stretch Denim With Overdye Public
XC-2934-D XC-2934-D Private