Category Color Ecru

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
12153DHS 12153DHS Uni-Sex Cotton Elastane Ecru Fabric with Plain Look Private
EXP-2565 EXP-2565 Blue OD on Bright Indigo Shade - Premium Unisex Cotton... Read More Private
NDL-4155-01 NDL-4155-01 Cotton Lycra fabric with flat look and green cast... Read More Public
3973-D-44PD-SK 3973-D-44PD-SK Public
NDL-4320-01 NDL-4320-01 This is Cotton+Lycra fabric with compact twills and... Read More Private
NDL-4014-62 NDL-4014-62 Private
NDL-4257-A-MW NDL-4257-A-MW Public
RAYCO-1048 RAYCO-1048 Super stretch super soft green cast denim with dyed... Read More Private
RAYCO-1056 RAYCO-1056 Bi Stretch with controlled shrinkage in both direction Private
Sea Salt Sea Salt This product has 100% Fairtrade Cottton and super dark... Read More Private
Sea Salt Sea Salt Cotton poly lyca fabric with prominent twill lines.... Read More Private
9252-BMD 9252-BMD Description Private
XM-3057-B XM-3057-B 88% Cotton 10% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
Hoary Hoary Private
NDL-3851-H-01 NDL-3851-H-01 100% Rigid with good slub appreance and additional... Read More Private
15600010266: GMT SNM 63000 P RFD 15600010266: GMT SNM 63000 P RFD Permanent softness by spiral soft technology Public
15600008996: GMT 60383 A ECRU 15600008996: GMT 60383 A ECRU 9.76 Oz Cotton Elastane Public
RAYCO-1066 RAYCO-1066 6.5 OZ STRIP DENIM Private
RAYCO-1067 RAYCO-1067 6.5 OZ 100% CTN 10 OZ STRIP DENIM Private
NDL-4320-01 NDL-4320-01 7.75 Oz, Super Stretch Denim Private
NDL-5134-01 NDL-5134-01 9.5 Oz, Cotton Siper Stretch Denim With Peach Public