Category Weight Range 13 to < 15 oz

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
NDL-3031-L-01 NDL-3031-L-01 Private
NDL-3900-C-01 NDL-3900-C-01 Public
NDL-4416-A-01 NDL-4416-A-01 Public
NDL-1882-A-RF NDL-1882-A-RF Private
NDl-4418-A-01 NDl-4418-A-01 Private
NDL-3426-A-01 NDL-3426-A-01 4D Twill Private
BET-1633 BET-1633 11 OZ, Cotton, spandex denim with Low TM yarn Private
BET-1627 BET-1627 11.5 Oz, dobby denim with 33% stretch Private
A4-14076 A4-14076 Black yarn dyed denim with market-proven performance Private
RAYCO-1041 RAYCO-1041 Light weight jacquard with indigo dyed fill Private
A2787-3/ADMB03044 A2787-3/ADMB03044 100% cotton with dark indigo colour ,vintage and more... Read More Public
XM-2956-I XM-2956-I 100% Cotton Private
XA-3069-A XA-3069-A 55.5% Cotton 37% Viscose 6% Polyester 1.5% Elastane Private
XA-2909-D XA-2909-D 79% Cotton 15%Polyester 3% Polyethylene 3% Elastane Private
NDL-3851-H-01 NDL-3851-H-01 100% Rigid with good slub appreance and additional... Read More Private
NDL-4501-A-01 NDL-4501-A-01 Private
15600009648: GMT 62816 A NF 15600009648: GMT 62816 A NF Power Stretch fabric with our premium blue dream shade Private