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Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
BET-1697 BET-1697 11.5 Oz, Dobby, cotton poly stretch denim Public
BET-1694 BET-1694 8 Oz, coat denim with 34% stretch Private
IBPDR-6372 IBPDR-6372 4.5 Oz, 100% Cotton denim for shirting Private
IBPD-6027 IBPD-6027 5.25 Oz, 100% Cotton, overdyed denim Private
90316 90316 9.25 Oz, Denim with Modal / tencel blend, 60% stretch Private
BLACK CAT BLACK CAT 10 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 31% stretch Public
A4-14819 A4-14819 Magical vintage character: gives the mood of OE (open... Read More Public
RAYCO-1033 RAYCO-1033 Marbly look in comfort stretch Private
RAYCO-1057 RAYCO-1057 Sustainable denim with recycled polyester from PET... Read More Private
12 OZ Rigid 100% Cotton 12 OZ Rigid 100% Cotton Sky Blue super stretch ideal for ice wash Private
12 OZ  Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton Dark 12 OZ Rigid 100% Fair Trade Cotton Dark description Public
KG 4889 KG 4889 Public
KG 3466 KG 3466 This product is for rugged look and is at reasonable... Read More Public