Category Weave Dobby

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
922798W 922798W Knit Dobby - Men's Cotton Elastance Denim Fabric Private
922833 922833 Uni-Sex Cotton Elastane Grey Shade Denim Fabric with... Read More Private
EXP-2565 EXP-2565 Blue OD on Bright Indigo Shade - Premium Unisex Cotton... Read More Private
BETR-1680 BETR-1680 11.75 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 33% stretch Private
BIL-2253 BIL-2253 9.75 Oz, Power stretch denim with overdyeing Private
BET-1343 BET-1343 8 Oz, poly viscose blended denim with 70% stretch Public
BET-1685-I1348 BET-1685-I1348 9 Oz, dobby denim with 52% stretch Public
BKT-1171 BKT-1171 8.5 Oz,Tencel Blended with 64% Stretch Private
BPD-4902 BPD-4902 11.5 Oz, dobby denim with 32% Stretch Private
BKT-1221 BKT-1221 4.75 Oz, 100% Cotton, lightweight denim Private
9.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch 9.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch Private
11.75 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stre 11.75 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stre This product is Premium with Carded an suitable for... Read More Private
5 OZ Rigid Cotton/Poly 5 OZ Rigid Cotton/Poly This product has Cotton n Linen Blend with super dark... Read More Private