Category Touch Super Soft

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
22009BHS 22009BHS Super Stretch Kids/Women's Knit Look Black Denim... Read More Private
22009HS 22009HS Super Stretch Kids/Women's Knit Look Indigo Denim... Read More Private
922798W 922798W Knit Dobby - Men's Cotton Elastance Denim Fabric Private
922833 922833 Uni-Sex Cotton Elastane Grey Shade Denim Fabric with... Read More Private
EXP-2565 EXP-2565 Blue OD on Bright Indigo Shade - Premium Unisex Cotton... Read More Private
Plush-78186 Plush-78186 Premium Blue Coat on Brigh Indigo Shade Uni-Sex Cotton... Read More Private
BETR-1680 BETR-1680 11.75 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 33% stretch Private
BET-1697 BET-1697 11.5 Oz, Dobby, cotton poly stretch denim Public
BET-1646 BET-1646 10.25 Oz, Stretch denim with poly viscose blend Public
BET-1694 BET-1694 8 Oz, coat denim with 34% stretch Private
BET-1343 BET-1343 8 Oz, poly viscose blended denim with 70% stretch Public
IBPDR-6372 IBPDR-6372 4.5 Oz, 100% Cotton denim for shirting Private
BET-906 BET-906 3.75 Oz, 100% Cotton jacquard denim Private
BET-1233 BET-1233 9.75 Oz, Dobby denims with 58% Stretch Private
40322 40322 10.5 oz, cotton poly stretch denim with 46% stretch Private
BKT-1221 BKT-1221 4.75 Oz, 100% Cotton, lightweight denim Private
BET-1627 BET-1627 11.5 Oz, dobby denim with 33% stretch Private
A4-7933 A4-7933 Fine slubby count, Poly Stretch fabric in Black shade... Read More Private
A4-14931 A4-14931 Poly Stretch Stribe fabric with special finish and... Read More Private
A4-14343 A4-14343 Comfort , double face fabric Public
A4-13557-R A4-13557-R Bi stretch with reycly poly weft Private
A4-7895-R A4-7895-R Versatile comfort stretch with a special indigo shade... Read More Private
A4-14646 A4-14646 Comfort stretch fabric with a special finish that... Read More Private
A4-13971 A4-13971 PCW Rigid Fabric with Authentic Vintage Marble Look... Read More Private
A4-14861 A4-14861 EverDark black Private
A4-7935 A4-7935 PCW White Fabric in Poly Stretch Private
A4-14746 A4-14746 20% PCW Poly Stretch fabric with green cast blue shade... Read More Public
A4-14882 A4-14882 Soft-Tech with lyocell weft. Light bromo shade,... Read More Private
A4-14819 A4-14819 Magical vintage character: gives the mood of OE (open... Read More Public
10.5 OZ Cotton elastane Super Stretch Su 10.5 OZ Cotton elastane Super Stretch Su Indigo canvas with blue overdye. Comfort stretch Private
3.75 OZ Rigid 100% Tencel 3.75 OZ Rigid 100% Tencel This product has over 70% Organic Cottton which is ... Read More Private
10.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch 10.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch This product has 100% tencel and Indigo color. It has... Read More Private
8 OZ Cotton/elastane Super Stretch 8 OZ Cotton/elastane Super Stretch This product is Premium with Ring with stretchability.... Read More Private
9.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch 9.75 OZ Cotton/elastane Comfort Stretch Private
10.5 OZ Cotton/Modal/Elastane Super Stre 10.5 OZ Cotton/Modal/Elastane Super Stre Private
RAYCO-1002 RAYCO-1002 11 OZ Cotton/T400/elastane Comfort Stretch Super Dark... Read More Private
RAYCO-1005 RAYCO-1005 Private
RAYCO-1007 RAYCO-1007 Super soft super stretch in Pure Indigo for versatile... Read More Public
RAYCO-1011 RAYCO-1011 Super soft super stretch with embedded refined slubs Private
RAYCO-1034 RAYCO-1034 Rigid Broken twill overdyed black Public
RAYCO-1036 RAYCO-1036 Super Soft Super stretch in Broken Twill Public
RAYCO-1039 RAYCO-1039 Light Weight comfort stretch article with long refined... Read More Private
RAYCO-1042 RAYCO-1042 Super Stretch with mild cross hatch effect Private
RAYCO-1043 RAYCO-1043 Sustainable denim with recycle cotton Private
RAYCO-1046 RAYCO-1046 Light weight denim with linen fill Private
RAYCO-1049 RAYCO-1049 Saturated Black denim in LHT with comfort stretch Private
RAYCO-1058 RAYCO-1058 Ecru comfort stretch with subtle brown neps Private
RAYCO-1059 RAYCO-1059 Green cast denim with Hemp blend in matt weave Private