Category Blend Polyester

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NDL-4419-C-63 NDL-4419-C-63 Cotton Elastane Men's Super Dark Indigo Shade Denim... Read More Private
NDL-4155-01 NDL-4155-01 Cotton Lycra fabric with flat look and green cast... Read More Public
NDL-4375-A-01 NDL-4375-A-01 Cotton Lycra fabric with T400. Prominent twill lines Private
NDL-4398-01 NDL-4398-01 Compact broken twill fabric with cotton polyester and... Read More Public
NDL-4384-01 NDL-4384-01 Private
NDL-4320-01 NDL-4320-01 This is Cotton+Lycra fabric with compact twills and... Read More Private
NDL-4654-B-G2-1040 NDL-4654-B-G2-1040 Private
NDL-4403-A-44 NDL-4403-A-44 Cotton Poly lycra fabric with thick teill lines. very... Read More Public
NDL-4771-A-01 NDL-4771-A-01 Private
NDL-4417-C-MW NDL-4417-C-MW Rigid fabric with with fine twill lines and dark... Read More Public
4384-01-51 4384-01-51 Bi Stretch Private
NDL-4014-62 NDL-4014-62 Private
NDL-3906-A-62 NDL-3906-A-62 Private
NDL-4637-B-62 NDL-4637-B-62 Private
NDL-4290-44 NDL-4290-44 Denim Ox Private
NDL-4302-B-0041 NDL-4302-B-0041 Private
NDL-4261-A-62 NDL-4261-A-62 Military Green Private
BETR-1680 BETR-1680 11.75 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 33% stretch Private
BET-1694 BET-1694 8 Oz, coat denim with 34% stretch Private
BIL-2253 BIL-2253 9.75 Oz, Power stretch denim with overdyeing Private
90316 90316 9.25 Oz, Denim with Modal / tencel blend, 60% stretch Private
BPD-4208 BPD-4208 11 Oz, comfort stretch denim with Grey Overdyeing Private
BLACK CAT BLACK CAT 10 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 31% stretch Public
A4-13735-R A4-13735-R 13.25 Oz, 100% Cotton denim Private
A4-7927 A4-7927 11.75 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 24% Stretch Private
A4-7933 A4-7933 Fine slubby count, Poly Stretch fabric in Black shade... Read More Private
A4-14931 A4-14931 Poly Stretch Stribe fabric with special finish and... Read More Private
A4-14343 A4-14343 Comfort , double face fabric Public
A4-14820 A4-14820 Soft-Tech super stretch Private
A4-14905 A4-14905 Soft-Tech Private
A4-14861 A4-14861 EverDark black Private
A4-7931 A4-7931 Garment dyeable fabric using Lycra dualFX / Xtra Life... Read More Private
A4-7935 A4-7935 PCW White Fabric in Poly Stretch Private
A4-14831 A4-14831 PCW Comfort Fabric in Green Cast Shade Private
A4-6166 A4-6166 Jegging Fabric having Poly Stretch Shade in Indigo... Read More Public
A4-5740-B A4-5740-B Poly Stretch Fabric with Blue Shade and Special finish Private
9.75 OZ   Fair Trade Cotton/T400/Elastan 9.75 OZ Fair Trade Cotton/T400/Elastan Private
9.75 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stret 9.75 OZ Cotton/poly/Elastane Super Stret Private
Sea Salt Sea Salt This product has 100% Fairtrade Cottton and super dark... Read More Private
Sea Salt Sea Salt Cotton poly lyca fabric with prominent twill lines.... Read More Private
KG 4812 KG 4812 Public
92 2007 92 2007 This is ecru fabric for womenswear White and over dyed... Read More Public
NDL-4421-B-01 NDL-4421-B-01 Fine combed slub with super stretch and over dyed... Read More Private
NDL-3851-H-01 NDL-3851-H-01 100% Rigid with good slub appreance and additional... Read More Private
NDL-3913-E-MW-44 NDL-3913-E-MW-44 Product has cotton poly super stretch and selected... Read More Private
15600009487: GMT SUSAN 62805 15600009487: GMT SUSAN 62805 98 % COTTON + 2% ELASTANE Private
15600002488: GMT 61393 15600002488: GMT 61393 Modern rigid chambray look with rich character Private
15600010266: GMT SNM 63000 P RFD 15600010266: GMT SNM 63000 P RFD Permanent softness by spiral soft technology Public
IBPD-8073 IBPD-8073 Super Soft, cross hatch with Tencel blend Public
BET-7413 BET-7413 Comfort Stretch with Green tone Private
BET-7418 BET-7418 Saturated denim with Dure core effect Private
BET-1819 BET-1819 Super soft, super stretch with Dark Blue Private
BET-7415 BET-7415 90976 GORBI DARK BLUE BT Private
BET-7427 BET-7427 90975 GORBI DARK BLUE BT Private
BET-7441 BET-7441 91265 GORIOT STR (000001363956) Public
BIL-2288-P1679 BIL-2288-P1679 91218 DEXET STR Public
BET-7443 BET-7443 D6100 REFLEXY MELTED Public
BET-7497 BET-7497 D4743 NEW JONES MIDBLUE Public
IBIL-2660 IBIL-2660 This is a very good womenwear product with high... Read More Private
IBPD-7676 IBPD-7676 This is a very good womens and kidswear product with... Read More Private
T1530 T1530 9.75 Oz, Poly Blend, Super Stretch Denim Private
T1903 T1903 7.75 Oz, Super Stretch Denim Private
T1509 T1509 7.75 Oz, Super Stretch Denim With Print Private