Category Price Range Value

Image Product Name Description Tags Public/Private
921197 921197 Economical Range - CORE Option - IBST Men's Denim... Read More Private
250/HW-12676 250/HW-12676 Public
250/HW-13393 250/HW-13393 Private
250-2/HW-13573 250-2/HW-13573 100% Tencel with soft hand feel , perfect for shirt Private
250-2/PW-14690 250-2/PW-14690 Tencel denim no stretch 100% Tencel with soft hand... Read More Private
A4-7927 A4-7927 11.75 Oz, cotton stretch denim with 24% Stretch Private
A4-14103-B A4-14103-B Green cast PCW cotton and recycle poly Private
A4-14343 A4-14343 Comfort , double face fabric Public
A4-7895-R A4-7895-R Versatile comfort stretch with a special indigo shade... Read More Private
A4-14861 A4-14861 EverDark black Private
A4-14831 A4-14831 PCW Comfort Fabric in Green Cast Shade Private
A4-5740-B A4-5740-B Poly Stretch Fabric with Blue Shade and Special finish Private
XC-2981-B XC-2981-B 100% cotton with dark indigo colour ,vintage and more... Read More Public
XC-3046-B XC-3046-B Private
XC-2982-B XC-2982-B Public
XC-2394-B XC-2394-B Public
XM-2702-T XM-2702-T Private
XC-2699-G XC-2699-G Private
XM-3055-C XM-3055-C Public
XC-2940-C XC-2940-C Private
XM-3057-B XM-3057-B 88% Cotton 10% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XC-2900-E XC-2900-E Public
XM-2932-B XM-2932-B 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Private
XC-3041-B XC-3041-B 93% Cotton 6% Polyester 1% Elastane Private
XM-2956-I XM-2956-I Private
XC-2942-E XC-2942-E Private
XA-3072-B XA-3072-B 57% Cotton 34% Tencel 7% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XA-3074-A XA-3074-A Private
XM-2904-D XM-2904-D 100% Cotton Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A Private
XC-2991-A XC-2991-A 70% Cotton 29% PCW 1% Elastane Private
XC-3060-A XC-3060-A 92% Cotton 6% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
XC-2925A XC-2925A 82% Cotton 16% Polyester 2% Elastane Private
Hulk Hulk Private
XAO-2861-C XAO-2861-C 11.75 Oz, Cotton Stretch Denim With Overdye Public
XAC-3257-B XAC-3257-B 11 Oz, Cotton Somfort Stretch Denim Private
XCO-2981-B XCO-2981-B 10 Oz, Cotton Comfort Stretch Denim Private
XAD-3232-H XAD-3232-H 10 Oz, Cotton Comfort Stretch Denim With Soft Handle Private
XA-3298-B XA-3298-B 11.25 Oz, Bi-Stretch Denim Private
XC-3046-B XC-3046-B 10 Oz, Cotton Comfort Stretch Denim Public
XA-2661-H (196579) XA-2661-H (196579) 10.25 Oz, Viscose Blend, Super Stretch Denim Private
XA-3203-A1 XA-3203-A1 10 Oz, Cotton Poly Denim With Comfort Stretch Private
XA-3181-A XA-3181-A 10 Oz, Cotton Poly Denim With Comfort Stretch Private
XA-2661-H (196578) XA-2661-H (196578) Private
XC-3177-D XC-3177-D Public
XM-2902-D XM-2902-D Private
XC-2981-B XC-2981-B Private
XAC-3320-B XAC-3320-B Private